All Aboard…The Hype Train

Guild Wars 2 is Ramping up, and I really want to get on the hype train, preorder the game, and hop into Beta, and bathe in all that is GW2.

But I must resist, cause I’ve walked this path too…too many times before with Warhammer Online, and SWTOR. Though I had fun on both counts, I’ve been let down by both games, and they didn’t deliver to really grasp the need I had.  I’m Even Looking at the Collectors Edition, something I vowed I wouldn’t do again, but a Rytlock statue WOULD look cool next to my Darth Malgus.

What’s sucking me back in the Hype Train.

1. WvW – Being as DAOC was my first MMO, and you always remember your first. The smacks of those days, and gets me excited.

2. Necromancer Class- It smacks alot like the Warlock class of WoW, but I just like the Vibe of it.

3. Norn, and Char Race – I just really like these races, especially the Norn, cause…well I have a Viking fetish.

4. The Polish – GW2 is just looking really polished from all the videos I’ve seen. Good Videos mean more fuel for the hype train.

5.I’m not sure it’s Hype – might just live up to all this hype. They might actually succeed where others have failed and breathe new life into the MMO genre…..then again they may not.

As always though in parting I wish you love, peace, and soooouuuullll!

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