Big Pimpin

When a pimp gets a girl to turn tricks for him, it’s called “turning the bitch out”

Thanks to SWTOR, I know how Pimps everywhere feel when they do this. I got that feeling from “Pimping” Jaesa. When I turned her to the dark side, DAMN it felt good. Now she’s killing, and hoeing for me everywhere.

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta……

In other things, I picked my Legacy name Riverian. In homage to my Iseult Albionian Cleric that started this whole MMO thing off. I Don’t quiet get it yet, but I’ll get there.

So for now it’s onward and upwards, and I’m still digging SWTOR, it’s a good time killer until GW2


2 Responses to “Big Pimpin”

  1. …………..I mean one that you don’t really know
    Ridin’ around town in a drop-top Benz
    Hittin’ switches in my black six-fo’

    Nice. Now I’m gonna be listening to that one all day and likely watching Office Space later tonight!

  2. Damn, that is one sexy Twi’lek.

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