Developers Appreciation Week – Relic Entertainment

For DAW, this year I chose a developer that has given me many hours of joy. Relic Entertainment.

Blood for the Blood God!

Relic is a Canadian developer, but I won’t hold that against them. I’ll just touch on their history. Their first game was Homeworld. I really liked Homeworld, and it was a cool game.  They also made Impossible Creatures, I never played it…but I HAVE heard of it.  They followed up Homeworld with a Homeworld 2, it was ok…let’s just say not as good as the first.

Then THQ bought Relic for 10 million, and thats where I sit up and take notice.

See Relic is the developer of the Dawn of War series, and Space Marine. They bring to life a universe I love dearly. I remember loading up the first Dawn of War, and playing through the campaign, and to hear and see the little guys do battle. I swear almost as good as porn. Then you add a multiplayer where you can paint your own army, and lead them to battle. Dear lord I was in heaven. With every Dawn of War expansion I fell more in love with the game….then they did it again, and blew me out of the water with Dawn of War II. This game like all the rest with evey expansion it just blows me out of the water.

Then they put out a FPS in the Warhammer universe called Space Marine. I simply love it…I suck at it, but I love it. It really brings the universe alive in a whole new way. Relic also put out a game called Company of Heroes, and some expansions. I never played them but I heard good things about them.

Real life hero

In my little research I came across this that a Game Designer for Company of Heroes Online, Brian R. Wood, Died Sept 3 , 2010  while protecting his wife, and unborn daughter from an oncoming vehicle. The driver of the vehicle was trying to remove a sweater while driving, and may have been under the influence of drugs.

So for bringing to life my favorite universe, and for being real life heroes, Relic I salute you, and look forward to your future work.

5 Responses to “Developers Appreciation Week – Relic Entertainment”

  1. Hold that against them? Canada is pure pwnage my friend, pure p-w-n-a-g-e!

  2. scarybooster Says:

    I love NICKELBACK!

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