High Latency Lifetime Award 2012

The people have spoken, but I don’t really care I was going to give the award to Scarybooster of Scary Worlds this year. Rowanblaze was a solid second place though what pushed Scary over the edge is his devotion to gaming so much he would pay homage to the developers. Bloggers we’re like those little sucker fish that feed off developers, and Scary sees this, and said unto us his brethren let us pay homage to the Sharks.

Other factoids that has earned Scary this prestigious award.

– Scary actually disappears from time to time, to visit his other family where he’s the mother of 4 kids, they think their mother is a spy for CIA, that’s why she disappears for months on end.

– Scary is actually a good friend of Richard Simmons who got him into being fit, and healthy.

-Scary is actually 70 years old, but he’s got Benjamin Buttons disease…or the Clap either one.

– Scary actually played AION cause he liked bigger boobs, not wings.

– Scary was known in Warhammer as Dwarf Dick…but he actually played an elf toon.

For these and several other reasons Scary gets the High Latency Lifetime Award for 2012. Thank you to all the other runner ups, but you are the weakest link..goodbye.

Great Job Scary Keep Up the Mediocre Work.

2 Responses to “High Latency Lifetime Award 2012”

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  2. scarybooster Says:

    YAY! I won! I’d like to thank myself for being my inspiration to think of being born so my mother had to eject me from her hairy vagina. I’d also like to thank the ants that bit my balls when I was 5. Without then I would of never hated bugs with a passion. Finally I would like to thank River for making it look like there was an option for this award. I’m a winner from birth so we all knew who was #1 anyways.

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