Day 19 – What’s in my bag/bank

Well on my WoW account I’m afraid to know, I got hacked after I quit so my guess is nothing. In my SWTOR bags, I got healing potions, stims, and some stuff I gathered from scavenging, I try to keep things neat. In my bank goes all my scavenging stuff, and some collectors edition goodies.

High Latency Lifetime Award –

It’s that time of year folks where I choose someone that really exemplifies the High Latency Life. I make all decisions in this contest, but here  is where your voice is heard. Vote for a nominee, or tell me why I should give you the award, and how your living the high latency life, or simply nominate someone else maybe someone I don’t know…you say toomanyannas I’m going to punch you in the balls…if you do indeed have balls  

This years nominees are.

Scarybooster from Scary Worlds

Rowanblaze from I Have Touched the Sky.

Bootae from Bootae Bloody Blog

Bronte from Are We New At This?

7 Responses to “Day 19 – What’s in my bag/bank”

  1. scarybooster Says:


    A bunch of Bitches! I vote for Blaze

  2. I vote for ME!!

  3. This is clearly a case of discrimination or some type of affirmative action plan geared towards helping bloggers who begin with b….hmmmm…that sounded cool. May change my name to:

    Bankalicious: The Blogger With Bling.

  4. Voting for scarybooster because he’s a badass with a unique sense of humor. He’s not afraid to attack any game out there including one he is currently playing.

    • scarybooster Says:

      Lol I’ve never thought of myself as a badass… Well except in the 80’s when I had a Mixhael Jackson studded belt and matching glove

  5. Do I have to choose? Darn it. Okay then…

    Scary! His writing is completely different from anything else out there, and his Developers Appreciation Week is a great initiative.

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