Day 18 – My Favorite Outfits

Ok here’s my favorite outfits,I don’t know the names, but I’ll try to describe it.

Favorite Outfits in MMO’s

4- Chosen Armor – (WAR) – I really like alot of this stuff, but my favorite helm was the smooth one, no horns that hid the face, and had glowy red eyes, and the boots that looked like talons.

3 – Mage PvP Armor (WoW) – I think it was the Gladiator set that had the cowls, one set I think tier 9 it was that was black with gold trim for the mage.

2- Cleric Purple Chainmail – (DaoC) – My first guild’s colors Hell’s Elite was purple and black. I spent a small fortune keeping my stuff dyed.

1. Sith Armor (SWTOR) – I don’t have it yet, but I like the armor with the cloak, and cowl…and a rebreather like Darth Malgus…that looks hot.

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