Day 17 – Favorite Spots in Game

I have alot of favorite spots within certain games, that I just enjoy

Top 5 Places Within Games.

5. Netherstorm – (WoW) – I just like flying on top of the tall towers and watch the storms. Very Peaceful

4. Inevitable City – (WAR) – A place of pure Chaos, from the denizens to the statuesm, to the sounds of it. I love being in it, and just roaming around.

3. Emain – (DAOC) – I just loved roaming around there with my group, and killing every mother fucking thing in sight.

2. Bird of Prey Bridge – (STO) – I just loved being in it, and imagining I was on my Bird of Prey, screaming  “Qap’la”

1. Orgrimmar – (WoW) – I was, and always shall be Horde at Heart, and I loved the old Org better from it’s Throne Room with Thrall, to the Cleft of Shadows…but the new one is alright too.   


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