Day 16 – Things I Miss

Since I am ancient there are alot of things I miss, but more so it’s due to the people I think people make the MMO, but there’s some moment from other games I miss.

Moments I miss from Games in the Past.

10. Scary Dogs – Resident Evil the first one on the Playstation had some epic scary moments, one of them was when a dog came crashing through a window. Even I jumped, I haven’t seen a horror game do that to me ever again.

9. Mapping Dungeons – In the Original Bard’s Tale, I actually had graph paper, and mapped out dungeons. It was part of the immersion, and I would always wonder whats beyond the next door.

8. Synched Queuing – I spell that right Queueing? Anyway as a guild back in the day all 40 of us would try to sync our queues to all get in the same AV. Sometimes it worked pretty well, and we wiped AV in 10-15 minutes, and in the days when AV’s could last 24-36 hours that was purely awesome.

7. True Realm PvP – Dark Ages of Camelot had it right, and no other MMO got it right since. 3 realms all fighting it out with siege. It was pure awesomeness running around in Emain waging all out war.

6. Mage Teleportation – I loved my Mage, and one of the things I loved the most about it, is his ports. Money-maker, and gag all in one. I do miss hearing the screams over Vent. “Son of a Bitch, I’m in Darnassus!!” , was music to my ears.

5. Arcade Fighting Games – At the Arcade it was Gladitorial combat. 2 men challenged each other in the flesh, mono et mono, while others watched you. Some of the battles in that dingy arcade will live in my mind for ever. Games like Street Fighter 2, and Mortal Kombat were not just video games, but battles of arcade supremacy.

4. Taking a Marine Head – I used to play religously Aliens versus Predator, I was even in a clan those days. There was nothing like sneaking up to a Marine, and chopping there head off, and hearing the Predator roar.

3. A Good Zerg – I loved the First Starcraft, I use to play in with all my buddies in college, of course I played the evil Zerg, and nothing better then hearing the screams of my enemy down the hall when my zergling rush hit their newly built, and poorly defended base.

2.  Early Morning Relic Raids – In Dark Ages of Camelot we would go steal the other realms relic at ungodly times like 4am on Sunday Morning, when there would be no defenders hardly. To see a realm mass for a cause was just an awesome sight to behold. It wanted me to play that game because I was proud to be a part of something bigger than me.

1. The People – In MMO’s alot of people come in and out of my life, sometimes people leave whether it’s for real life reasons, or they just don’t want to play any more. It sometimes leaves a little hole in my life, and I miss alot of those people dearly.

7 Responses to “Day 16 – Things I Miss”

  1. scarybooster Says:

    What’s with the Day count up? Did I miss a memo? Anyway, I miss having time to play games. Fucking women ruin everything 😛

  2. I might mention Info-Com games and Zork, when it comes to mapping. Go North! You’ve been eaten by a grue. Good times – if frustrating.

  3. I fucking lol’d.

  4. Resident Evil 1 had the pacing down perfectly. Too fast and it’s way to much like an FPS. It was just slow enough and dark enough that those dogs scared me twice, I believe, and IIRC some crows or ravens busted in at one point and I jumped. Great stuff.

    One thing I’d add would be single console based multi-player drinking events. Some classic XBOX Fusion Frenzy, 4 controllers and some (or a lot of) beer made many a night epic.

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