Day 14 – This Upsets Me!

If you follow my blog you may already know what grinds my gears so to speak, but let’s review.

What upsets me?

6. Not Pulling my Weight- It drives me nuts when I don’t pull my weight, and I fail to do my job as part of a bigger team whether that’s a raid, or during PVP

5. Bossy People – You know the minus 50 dkp type. There’s a way to get people to do what you want without throwing something around especially your weight.

4. Idiots – I don’t mean people who know, ansd know they don’t know. I can always teach them. I’m talking those that do not know, and think they know…they are fools, shun them.

3. Beggers – I like to be generous, but if you’re begging from me you are barking up the wrong tree. I’m a self made kind of guy, if you need gold go kill mobs…you’ll get it soon enough.

2. Holier Than Thou Role Players – People that role play, and feel their shit don’t stink. They are the worst lot of hypocrites in the world. They will excuse Pornshire, but if you do something not right or out of place, and your going to be verbally gangbanged by the creme de la creme of pompous asshats. 

1. Anna – She’s my sworn enemy…and I hates her my precious.  



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