Day 13 – People (Players/Bloggers) I admire

This is the hardest of hard topics because there are so many i do admire, for different reasons. If your not on the list, please don’t think I don’t like you or admire you. This list is just the people who have impacted my life the most.

Players –

1. Celyn – A Teal Pally who befriended me in the lower level BG’s of Dark Ages of Camelot. For a girl she was a great player, and she loved my fashion sense. When my first guild broke up, she invited me to KoTRD, and the rest of my MMO history was forged from that moment. A good player, and a good person.

2. Bitaken – The Leader of the KoTRD, and later the Phoenix Ascension. The greatest guild leader, and player I have ever had the pleasure of chewing the same dirt with.

3. Lestat/Ysus – I came to know Lestat in DAOC, but later grew closer to him when we played WoW, I was a warrior, and he was a pally healer. We worked well together, but we also bickered like an old married couple. He was a great player, and I miss him on the field of battle.

4. The Rest of My Guild Einherjar –    I followed these folks from DaOC, to WoW, from the Burning Seas, to Warhammer, and finally to SWTOR. Over 10 years I spent chewing virtual dirt with these peeps. These folks are all great players and I had the greatest honor of playing and sharing my virtual, and sometimes real life with these people. People like Whynot, Lomil, Horb, Otega, Shaddough, Romeia, Guri, Jonte, Ghost, MG, Sirp, Byll, Sans…the list goes on and on. These guys, and gals I admire the hell out of…well cause they put up with my shit, and with them I had some of the greatest fun one could have in the virtual worlds

5.  My Enemies – Few of them I have committed to memory, except Echoic from my DaOC days, but without them I am nothing. So to the Alliance, the Republic, the Mid, and the Hibs, etc….etc…. It’s these people that push me on to better things. For that I thank them.



1. Tobold – He’s been an inspiration of mine from the start, I don’t always agree with him, but I admire the hell out of him.

2. Syp – Another inspiration from the start, He really supported my early career, and he is probably single handedly responsible for helping others create some of the great blogs you read today with his blogging intiative.

3. ScaryboosterIf blogging had blood brothers, Scary would be my blogging blood brother. His humor, his insights, are what I admire, and aspire to be.

4. Gnomeggedon He is the Obi Wan. to my Darth Vader. He is the Superman, to my Lex Luther. We don’t see eye to eye all the time, but he understands where I’m coming from, and that is rare indeed. I admire the hell out of him.

5. Amber Great Blogger, Guild Leader, Voice of Reason, Den-Mother.  Sometimes when I was playing I could hear her shaking her head in disgust. She never turned me away though, and though she was gruff outer skin, I saw a person who was just not a leader, but good of heart too. I admire her as well.

6. Jong & Bee- I miss these two peeps, and admired the hell out of them. I hope to one day see a return of these two peeps.

Like I said these are just a few of the people that molded me, and effected not only my gaming life, but the way I do things and think in my real life. Thank you for making my High Latency Life all that much better.   Oh and I admire Mila Kunis….ALOT!



7 Responses to “Day 13 – People (Players/Bloggers) I admire”

  1. scarybooster Says:

    I’m on the list. To all the people not mentioned… HAAAAAA in your face suckas! Of course I’m kidding (kind of). I do believe River and I are sewer buddies. There was that day we sat on the pot squeezing out the Deathwing of turds at the same time. From Chicago to Nebraska the mud dragons met at the Mississippi river and fought a juicy battle. And that is how we are all going to die in 2012

    • I think Scary should be moved down off the list until he post something new.

      Then you can put him back up there.

      • scarybooster Says:

        I posted a new post today. It was exactly 18 minutes after you commented on one of my older posts. Also, I have another one in the works for today… So meh Mr.

      • Then my plan worked. Wahahahahaha .. continue exaggurated sinister laugh.

  2. Gah.. struggling to find time to respond properly and my iPhone isn’t playing nice with Blogger sites at the moment… suffice to say, I’ll be Obi Wan to your Darth any time..

  3. Good friends online come and go but the emotional scars from playing with you will last a lifetime.

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