Day 11 – Bad Habits/Flaws

Where do I begin, the drinking, the cussing, being a man-whore….oh wait maybe this meant to be just gaming or blogging flaws, and bad habits. Here’s some of them, well at least the ones I’ll cop to.  

Top 5 Bad Gaming Habit’s Flaws-

1. I don’t use many macros – My biggest regret is not being more proactive with macros.

2. I don’t optimize my gear for my level – As long as I am killing shit I don’t care.

3. I hate quests – I would rather kill 100 mobs, so sometimes I avoid them. Once in awhile I miss out on something cool.  

4. I loathe role-playing in video games – I think everybody knows that.

5. Always broke– I spend in-game currency like a drunken sailor in a 2 dollar whore house.

Top 3 Blogging Bad Habit’s and Flaws

1. Your/You’re – I always screw those up, I mean I try but it just eludes me sometimes.

2. Perspective – First Person/Third Person sometimes I just don’t know how to stay in one perspective…sometimes even tense.

3. Too Short – Sometimes I don’t expound, or develop an idea fully, but what do you get when you pound a post out in 3 minutes with no planning, like this one.

I can really go on and on here, but I think we can all agree I suck.

2 Responses to “Day 11 – Bad Habits/Flaws”

  1. The your/ you’re thing I’m sure is because NAms tend to say them both the same way. No? In England the first tends to be yor but the second one is more like ewer. Crazy language, eh?
    As to the list of bad gaming – woah! I think I’m guilty of most of them too (two? to?) /lol . Barely understand macros even when they are explained in text, rp? in a video game you really can’t manipulate things enough. Right with you on #2.

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