Day 10 – Blog/Website Favorites

Well you can see my favorites in my blog roll, they are on my honor roll, and some sadly in my graveyard, and to name them all would make this post longer then I need to. I do miss people like Jong, and Larissa from the PPI, Spicy Tuna, and Out of Mana they made this blogosphere a little more interesting. I always wonder what happened to them, what are they doing now, and do they still look at my blog once in a while.

Such as it is, there are some great blogs out there, hope you check them out, as for other websites, I have a couple I visit regularly.  I admit I’m a facebook addict, not so much the shitty games, just for the social aspect.  I go to my guild’s homepage a bit, and besides the doing techie, and banking stuff, I’m not on the web all too much.

If it wasn’t for gaming, I’d be on the internet like a half hour each day…..ok maybe slightly longer.

3 Responses to “Day 10 – Blog/Website Favorites”

  1. Larissa opened a cafe … to write about movies. I hope she won’t mind me passing that on 🙂

  2. but the internet is infinate. You can never get bored, its just new places you haven’t discovered yet!
    half my reading list keeps talking about other games 😦

  3. […] Day 10 – Blog/Website Favorites ( […]

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