Day 5 – Favorite Items In Game

I’m trying to think of my favorite items in the games I played I think there was only a few I really enjoyed.

Top 5 Items in MMO I have Enjoyed.

5.  WoW Halloween Wands – I do like transforming people into dirty girl pirates.

4. STO Bird of Prey – I don’t know if it’s Item Per Se, but I love it none the less. When I cloak, and then uncloak and fire on a Fed ship, you can hear me scream Q’APLA

3. SWTOR Lightsaber – I know almost everyone has one, but I love just wielding it, and fighting with it. I’m a huge Star Wars, and Sith fan and to swinging my lightsaber in combat is pretty damn cool.

2.  WoW Green Protodrake – I love the big guy, he’s ugly, and mean looking just the way I like my minions and creatures. Plus as many eggs I had to get this bastard it was a huge relieve to finally get one.

1. WoW Super Simian Sphere – An Item that transforms me into a Gorilla in a Ball. Now on a personal level me and my friends invented a basketball derivitive when we were kids that we could play in my friends basement, we called it Simian King. This Item always remembered me of that, and those days….plus being a gorilla is cool. I got to put my dirty stinking paws on people.



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