Welcome to Pornshire

Welcome to Pornshire, you’ll see no bigger hive of scum and villiany. I have a problem with  the sick bastards drawn to roleplayingt. I have less of a problem with a kid screaming my Mom is a tranny whore in barrens, then the type of shadowy and creepy people that lurk in Role Play, saying their unsavory attitude is role played, thus I should ignore and allow it to go on.

I was reading one of Amber’s post on one said creep. Some things just send up alerts and flags for me.

Amber States

“if you character intends to sexually assault and/or rape another character, maybe you should bring it up OOCly first.” 

Is this even allowed on Servers, doesn’t this break some sort of rule? It’s sick a depraved, even if someone approached me OOCly.

Amber goes on,

“There has been a thief-type character on my RP server targeting various women on the server for more than simple theft”

Doesn’t someone else find this loathsome? We don’t allow this behavior in real life, why allow and condone it in our virtual worlds.

Amber finally states that something is being done about it.

“This particular issue is being handled ICly (the Stormwind Guard are now involved) as well as being brought up OOCly.”

I feel saver already. In Ambers defense she does denounce this activity, but in it theres a kind of condoning to it, like we have to put up with these douchebags for the greater good of Role Playing. We don’t fucking report, and Ban these fucktards that use Role Play to cater to their warped and sick desires is what I say.





One Response to “Welcome to Pornshire”

  1. The worst rp I ever witnessed was a domestic violence act in goldshire, a male gnome beating on a female gnome – and her crying don’t hurt me.
    Where are the RPing city guards ( standing by and watching) and why arent more people being true to their RP character and standing up to such things. Is that the kind of world they want to RP in?

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