Day 02 – Why I decided to start a blog?

Well it started at a bar, which is how most of my stories start…or finish. I was at a bar, and a friend of mine who I haven’t seen in years told me she wrote a blog. I checked it out, and decided I could do this. I like writing, and I have a lot of downtime at work. So my personal blog started Chaotic Ramblings.  I was writing, and I did a couple posts about my love for video games, about this time Warhammer Online was right around the corner, and I decided I really wanted my own video game blog. I decided that there were tons of World of Warcraft blogs, I’ll make mine warhammer, well I knew I was going to be playing this game. I have a warhammer tatoo for crying out loud. Thus Way of the Chosen was born, despite Tobold told me to make a more general blog. I am never one to listen though. After having some wonderful adventures (how many of you have a hip bone from Mythic? I do), and meeting some great people. It was time to move on.

Thus High Latency Life was born….and here I have been ever since.

2 Responses to “Day 02 – Why I decided to start a blog?”

  1. I had know idea you had a blog full of fiction. Now I have to go read it.

    • theerivs Says:

      Well that blog is just my little playground, I don’t post there on any set schedule. But I refuse to remove it because I love the banner Greg did for me.

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