I don’t moderate

Something flew past my little radar on Spinks blog, which it’s a very interesting post. The topic about sexism is near and dear to my heart, since feminists tend to shun me like the black plague. The thing that caught my eye is the call to moderate Spinks makes.  I just want to toss this up, I don’t care how crude a statement is, or crass. I would never delete a comment, even when that statement is against me.

I once had an angry reader, who was a role player and didn’t like my stance on the topic. He did some research on me, found out I was still living with my mother. He made a comment to the fact I was a loser for such. What he didn’t know is I moved back in with my handicapped mother to take care of my stepfather who had a stroke. I only removed the comment because the author of the comment asked me to.

Why do I have such a liberal policy on my blog, because I believe in the freedom of speech. I love this country, and one of our greatest freedoms is the freedom of speech, even though I don’t agree with what you say, I believe you have the freedom to say it, to take away that right on my blog…would make me more of a hypocrite then I already am, even I have limits to my hypocrisy.  Now that’s a personal choice on my blog, and if you make a stupid comment, be prepared to made fun of and ridiculed.

I think me and Spinks will just have to agree to disagree about what this great thing we call an internet is about, I believe it’s a place of freedom, and anarchy…and she thinks it’s a place that needs to be more controlled, and limited.


5 Responses to “I don’t moderate”

  1. I’m not American, but it’s nice that you love your country 🙂 I think we can agree to disagree, but I note that you have a policy on moderation even if that means you will never moderate anything (do you moderate spam comments, btw?)

  2. That’s why your on my honor roll, and why I love ya spinks. You are right, I do have a policy which is not to moderate, and no I don’t really moderate spam, WordPress does that work for me.

    Then again, I did say I was a hypocrite, plus I AM evil…but I’m Lawful evil…gotta have some rules now.

  3. I don’t moderate either. First of all if you are for freedom of speech then it’s freedom of speech for everyone, not just those who agree with your point of view. As long as someone isn’t advocating harm on people then they are entitled to their opinion and to say it.

    Secondly if you moderate comments then how are you supposed to prove your point on this kind of subject? Complaining about rampant sexism when all evidence of said sexism has been swept under the carpet and hidden is likely to do more harm than good as people will think its all been made up. And hiding/deleting someone’s comment will also send the message that they have somehow won. It’s how these people think in my experience.

    Your picture brings up something that happened to my fiancé recently. He collects and restores antique militaria, normally stuff from the 18th/19th century, but occasionally he will get World War 2 items if the price is right. And recently he bought a Nazi Iron Cross medal, complete with Swastika. He sold it on but before that someone took offence at him even owning something to do with the Nazi’s. But from his point of view he is interested in history, all history, not just the ‘good’ bits. And if we erase what the Nazi’s did from history and people forget what they did then history could be repeated. It still might but if people remember the horror of what they did then maybe it will help prevent it.

  4. I moderate.

    I moderate my own comments & spam.

    Sometimes I don’t say what I mean, on those occasions only I moderate my comment to clarify my view.

    That said, I won’t remove a comment of mine where it has already been used for a reply – then the context is lost and as a general rule I place an “EDIT:” rather than remove it.

    Otherwise the comment stands, to do otherwise means:
    1) Commenters never know whether their comment will stand or fall on its own – so why bother commenting (I had had feedback to this effect regarding another blogger recently)
    2) Readers never know if they are seeing the whole discussion.

    I’d rather be called out for the dick I am than have people wondering why everyone loves the dick that I am.

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