Day 01- Introduce Myself

Hi My Name is River, and I love Video Games…..

Really if your like me, that’s all the intro I need, because we are kindred spirits. All of us. We all love video games…unless you popped in here from a search of “shemales” and “video games”…in that case…Hi.  In the spirit though that is this challenge, I will enlighten you, and at a slighty more less degree try to entertain you these next 20 days.

Hello my name is Chris, all my friends call me River. It’s been my nickname for as long as I can remember. It’s so bad, I was going to a family wedding and the girl who I was dating for a few months was coming with me. I told her, “Now if they mention Chris at all that’s me”,  She goes, “Your real name isn’t River? When were you going to tell me? ”  I replied, “I don’t think I was going to.”  It’s also the name I attribute to all my online presence, well except that time that I was in the lesbian chat room…wait nevermind.

What everyone asks me is why do they call me River, well there is a story, and it’s not bad but I don’t tell anyone because the person who dubbed me that name is no longer with us, and it’s his story to tell….because I was way to drunk to remember the finer details.

I live in a small suburb of Chicago, called Tinley Park in the great state of Illinois. It’s where I grew up as a child as well.  I work in computers as a Network Administrator. I like Pina Coladas, and Dancing in the Rain…..

Wait where was I….

 Oh well in terms of gaming I remember my first video game experience, it was at a neighbors house. They had a Pong set, every since then I devoured all that was games, like Combat, Adventure, Pitfall on the Atari 2600, then I got a Commodore 64, where I played such classics as Bards Tale, or Pool of Radiance. I supplemented that with an overbundance of my time spent in the arcades, playing Street Fighter II, or Mortal Kombat. I even had a love affair with pinball.

 I grew up, and so did my video games, so no longer am I jumping pixelated crocs. I’m destroying Warlocks in WoW, or Using the Force in SWTOR, or commanding Space Marines in Dawn of War 2. Maybe that’s why I love Video Games so much, because unlike the movies, or a book I choose my fate whether it be winning or losing. My decisions affect the outcome of the source of my entertainment.

By the way that’s me in the picture, with a fake beard on for St. Patty’s day. So I will end this post, where I started. I love Video Games, and I’m the River….damn glad to meet you.


6 Responses to “Day 01- Introduce Myself”

  1. My your a tall one! How’d you get up there?

    Nice to meet you. I’m a part time no non sense blogger who’s been very slack lately.

  2. Well you are prettier than I expected, but still not sure I want to see you in a bikini.

  3. […] Rivs is a writer that I have at times been in heated disagreement with. Many people find the pictures of semi-naked women that begin most of his posts offensive. I on the other hand squirm knowing he’s catching my attention with shemales (not there’s anything wrong with that). To be honest, I prefer that to scary real life shots of him… […]

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