I Hate Huttball

Hate may not even be a strong enough word for it. Loathe…Detest.

Why do I hate it so much?

5 Reasons I Hate Huttball.

5. The Person Who Wants The Ball – He keeps spamming he wants it, but as soon as he gets it, he dies quicker then a rabbit on a gun range at a NRA convention.

4. The Person Who Wants You To Pass The Ball – He’s always spamming, and screaming at other people to pass the ball. Hey sometimes asshat I have electricity spamming through me.

3. Facing OP guy from the same faction – Man there was this guy, let’s call him Superman. He was a Sith Marauder, and he eats Jedi’s for breakfast, I had the awesome chance to play with him in the Cannon Warzone…Oh crap he’s on the other team in Huttball.

2. Those Flame Zone Things – I’m getting better with them, but once in a while they nab me. Like I’d be chasing an opposing team member and I’d get hit with a blast.

1. That Fucking  Announcer- I hate that mother fucker with a passion.

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