It’s like I’m Printing Money

So I needed a level 25 speeder in SWTOR, I lacked the funds. Someone told me I should take up slicing. I’m like but the nerfed slicing. Someone told me it was all lies. I started slicing big time, the cases I get are Meh, I mean they pay for the mission…and sometimes way more. The thing that is netting me serious bank as the “Missions” I discover. I mean in the past 3 days of just slicing, and sitting around the Fleet, I made like 100k credits, and still going strong.

I don’t even play the Auction House like I would WoW. I just slap my mission discoveries up on the AH, and bam next day my wallet runneth overth.  If you need credits, take up that slicing, and believe me you’ll be making some bank, well around Level 4 lockboxes and up you will be. 

Now if I can only level my toon to 50, I’m such a slacker it’s sick.  Isn’t my fault I wanted another Sith Warrior to make into a Marauder.

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