SWTOR Confessional: I suck at Space Battles

Ok I have a little confession, what I think is supposed to be the easiest part of the game….is the hardest for me. I just suck at it for some reason. Maybe it’s the controls, it seems when I move the mouse my ship wants to go that way too, then BOOM I hit an asteroid.

Sometimes I think MMO’s ruined me for muscle twitch games like HALO, or Grand Theft Auto. I’m not as good at them as I once was. Heck before MMO’s I use to be a part of a pretty good clan, and use to rock things as a Predator in Aliens Versus Predator, or when I played Mechwarrior, I wasn’t the best…but I was far from the worst.

Whenever I play an action game now it seems like I lost a step, or I’ve lost something. Maybe it’s like working out, if I don’t use it, I lose it. What ever the case may be, fricking space battles I just suck at in SWTOR. I’ll stick to farming Sand People.

3 Responses to “SWTOR Confessional: I suck at Space Battles”

  1. Best get practiced up for Mechwarrior Online 🙂

  2. maybe yer old. 🙂

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