My First Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! I have a special girl in my life, and I will be spending time with her tonight, to make her feel loved, and special. There was a time where that wasn’t the case. Like all nerds, or geeks I have a lot of Valentines Day’s racked up spent with my other love, my first love….Video Gaming.

Ever since I killed my first Dragon in Adventure with my little pixel spear I knew it was love at first sight. Why other boys were cutting hearts out of construction paper, I was mapping dungeons in Bard’s Tale. When they were writing poetry I was fighting zombies in the Pool of Radiance. When other guys were pining away for love’s lost, I was decapitating Marines in Aliens versus Predators. When they were ordering flowers for their special ladies,  I was planning relic raids at 3am in Dark Ages of Camelot. When they were cuddling watching a movie, I was destroying Gruul in the World of Warcraft with others of my kind.

Sure women have come and gone from my life, and I had my share of good times but there is one constant in my life, one love that I have pursuesd and that’s video gaming. Some call it sad, not me….I know who I am, and I celebrate it. The girl I love knows it too, and she loves me more for it, cause unlike other men she knows where to find me, and it isn’t at the local tavern, or in the arms of another woman. I can be found on Tattoine, force choking some sand people.

So if you have a special gaming geek in your life, give him a little extra squeeze and let him know their special, and if you don’t have anyone special in your life, treat yourself good today….and fuck up some Alliance bitches in WoW.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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