Words have Consequences.

An ex-Guild Master of mine once said, “Words have Consequences” to me, saying something, or in some cases not saying something is an action, and I am a firm believe that all actions whether good or bad lead to results, those results lead to other choices, that require action…well to quote Mr. Roosevelt, “Life is just one damn thing after another”  Bossy Pally had a lovely post on Words, and their effect and I thought I would do a little post myself.

Words I Wish They Would Stop Using!

5. Nigga – I hate the fact 13 year old white boys are saying this too each other, without knowing what it means, or what it stands for. They hear the black people calling each other that, and they think it’s cool. It isn’t cool, you walk into an all white upscale store as a black man and see how cool it is to be black. Sure things are getting better, but they are far from perfect.  The term Nigga is a friendly version of the racist word Nigger which means ignorant person. Call each other ignorant all you want, because most likely you are.

4. Fag – Like Nigga, this is tossed around way too much. Being a Homosexual in todays society is rough, you get picked on, maybe your an outcast, so you seek solace in the World of Warcraft, and here you have a Paladin Tank calling you a Fag, cause you can’t heal fast enough.

3. Bitch, Cunt, Any other word denoting you are womanly –  This irks me a bit, because what’s worse then being a homosexual, it’s being a woman. Gamers being male feel that being a woman is weak.  Really my Mom spit me out at 11lbs of an orifice of her body, jesus if that’s weak, I’d hate to see these guys do that. I cringe after burrito night, and I gotta shoot something pretty large out of my ass.

2. Rape – I loathe this word being used in connection with games, and try very hard not to use it in my gaming vocabulary. Rape is a bad thing, I wouldn’t wish it on anybody. Hey being a guy don’t think you’ll get raped, you may not. I hope you keep your nose clean, because guess what nerdy little white kid, you end up in prison…yeah you’ll have a new meaning to the word rape. Let’s just say you may want to buy some soap on a rope.  

1. Pwned – I hate this fucking word. Let’s stop using it please.

7 Responses to “Words have Consequences.”

  1. While I agree with most of the post I respectfully stopped reading after the first sentences of Rape

  2. It’s not just in games though, that’s the sad part. I called my 14 year old nephew out over him calling someone a fag on Facebook and he honestly didn’t see the problem.

  3. Pretty much my list too except for pwned. I don’t think it fits in there, as the other words are all examples of hate speech.

    • Much to my Girlfriends chagrin, I rarely take something 100% seriously, that last one was a semi-joke.

      • That remonds me of when I started playing WoW after over 2 years of EQ2, I experienced that lots of players were actually more offended by “lol” then by actual offensive language.

  4. Ive heard more female Players use the r word this week then male. It’s in gamer speak, I hope it never crosses into RL / normal society slang.

  5. I agree with you on all counts.

    I’ll throw in tard & retard as well.

    Doesn’t matter if I’m carrying the flag, I will stop to call people out on the use of these words. Occasionally I get an apology, usually I get silence.

    I figure my silence just supports the use of this language and I’m not supporting the language.

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