MMO’s I’m Looking Forward To.

I know the dust hasn’t even settled on my Darth Malgus figurine from the SWTOR Collectors Edition yet, and here I am talking about other MMO’s. It’s just a couple of them have me excited. Here’s the ones I’m looking forward to in the order of what I’m actually looking forward to.

5.The Secret World – Not hearing alot about this game, and it’s from Funcom so that’s strike one, but all the mystery has me intriqued.

4.World of Darkness – I loved the Vampire the Masquerade Role Playing Game, and Video Games. Anyone remember the short-lived TV series, yep even loved that. So I’m looking forward to playing as a Vampire, or Werewolf and mixing it up.

3.Guild Wars 2  – I wasn’t a huge fan of the original Guild Wars, but I took a small interest in GW2 after I did TWIMMO on Gamebreaker TV with Rubi.  All that I’m seeing about this game looks smooth, and polished already.

2.Mechwarrior Online – I love the Battletech universe, I remember playing every Battletech Video game I could get my hands on since the Commodore 64, I also use to devour the books. Then in college I played Mechwarrior 4, online, and in a clan. Those were good times, indeed, and I hope to recapture some of my old glory.  Though this might be a World of Tanks with Mechs, I’m still looking forward to it.

1.Warhammer 40k MMO – I love Warhammer, and even though this plans to be an action oriented game. I love Warhammer so much, and hope I can play some Chaos to crush my enemies, and those Imperial Lapdogs.  Hell any man who has a Black Legion Tattoo on his shoulder should be awaiting this game with drool coming out of his mouth


2 Responses to “MMO’s I’m Looking Forward To.”

  1. Yea, the disgruntled World of Tanks community is discussing Mechwarrior Online in the fourms. It does look/sound a lot like WoT, but they seems to have learned a few things and have improved on it. For those tired of WoT, it’s The Next Big Thing.

    Kind of like Rift was for all those disgruntled WoW players (or so I heard).

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