He Tasks Me!

Syp has a Picture of the Day, where he bought a Star Trek Online Collectors Edition for 6.50. Oh he didn’t do it personally, cause buying the STO CE is one of the most repressed memories of my gaming career. I forgot what retail was cause I repressed it so well, but I thought it was like 80-90 bucks. Seeing Syp holding his 6.50 prize it doth tasks me. He tasks me and I shall have him! I’ll chase him ’round the moons of Nibia and ’round the Antares Maelstrom and ’round Perdition’s flames before I give him up!

Er excuse me, lost myself for a second.

Isn’t this stuff supposed to retain some sort of value, the pin alone should be 10 bucks. After I plunked down 150 for the Collectors Edition of SWTOR, and eyeing the Diablo 3 CE. It makes me stop and think is this stuff truly worth it. I don’t know my way of thinking over CE’s is maybe I should wait, and if I want something then pick it up, and if I wait maybe I find out if the game is going to last more than a couple of months before going free 2 play.  

Then again my Darth Malgus statue looks pretty bad ass.

2 Responses to “He Tasks Me!”

  1. That’s because Darth Malgus is very awesome.. he’s Legendary.

    However, I have never nor will I spend 90.00+ dollars for a collectors edition. I have tons of crap already siting on my computer desk and I’m sure my wife won’t be impressed with a statue of Darth Malgus and although it would be cool to have one, I have really no need for one.

    Collector’s Editions or limited Editions are just another way to bilk the gaming community out of well earned money. The game will play the same no matter what price you pay as I’m sure Syp will a test to.

    • Oak,

      Thanks for the comment, I can stop looking in car trunks for you.

      On another note, no one got my Khan reference to a post on Star Trek Online…I thought it was uber clever. I’m hurt.

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