Breaking Wind

The new chapter in the Twilight Series comes out called Breaking Dawn, or as I call it Breaking Wind. Rowan loves this stuff, I’m not here to make fun of him, nor the legions who delight in Twilight. More power too them. I just don’t like it

I’m old school. I love my vampires non glitterly, to be assholes, aka Kiefer Sutherland in Lost Boys, to be ominous like Bela Lugosi in Dracula, or hideous monsters like Nosferatu. i like my werewolves to be bad ass tortured monsters like Lon Chaney, The Camp of Werewolves in The Howling, or the dude in American Werewolf in London.

By the way beware the moors, THAT SHIT IS EPIC.

Twilight is not, but one mans trash is another mans treasure so I shall bite my tongue from now on, and go on a don’t ask, don’t tell policy. I won’t ask you if you like emo-glittery vampires, and you don’t for the love of god tell.

Though Rowan pointed some thing out, the girl in the photo Ashley Greene, I might just have to review this film in slow motion, naked, with lots of butter popcorn, and when I climax I’ll scream TEAM ALICE! I just hope Team Edward! doesn’t get blurted out, I might have some explaining to do to the girlfriend.

5 Responses to “Breaking Wind”

  1. Oh man! I loved AWiL! John Landis in his prime! Actually, another reason I like the Twilight movies is that I love the Pacific Northwest. And ja, the vampire chicks are hot. I like Underworld for the same reason.

  2. Where do you keep finding your images? That is what I want to know!!

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