I’m the Diet Coke of Evil

Even though in the virtual world,  I am Lawful Evil, and in every game I dedicate myself to the forces of malice, and chaos, and basically the douche bag of the blogosphere.  In my real life realm, I try to give back with my time and money. 

When I recently received an email about Iron Man Mode, and their endeavor to rise awareness, and give back to the community I felt compulsion to give them some props.

Iron Man Mode is an interesting concept, I find intriguing. You play a game, when you die the blog dies. That’s pretty cool I would think, though this blog would be dead 8,000 times over. Well I played a Mage in WoW for years, we died anytime some one dropped a hat.  Even though I just started reading them, I can already tell they are up to the challenge. So check them out.

Also check out their charity page, and try to help them raise some money for Child’s Play. I’ll be giving them a little money, as soon as I rob some piggy banks from little babies….Wha? Ain’t like I’m eating the babies….like I do SWTOR.

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