Weekly Lagout

High Latency Gaming-

As I work on my SWTOR toons, I can’t help my eyes wandering over to other games like STO, which is F2P now, or with news about GW2. I don’t know if it’s ADD, or really something is bad about SWTOR, and I’m in denial. Either way I’m banging away at my main toon. I really need credits, so I’m slicing like it’s my job.

High Latency Love –

I missed this earlier on Bootae’s blog, but any Mechwarrior news is good Mechawarrior news…that’s why he’s on my Honor Roll! Thanks for looking out Boot’s. The question is how I miss this…. I LOVE MECHWARRIOR/BT Universe. I am ashamed of myself.  

Mechwarrior Online.

Something Funny…

Slice Faster Bitch!

With that…


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