I Feel Like a Good Slowfall.

I’m going to be honest, I love SWTOR. I loved RIFT, I loved Warhammer.

There are times though I really miss my mage. We had alot of adventures together. He’s like an old friend that I use to pal around together.  As I think back to my mage, there are some things I just truly miss.

Some things I miss….

5. Blinking the hell out of there – As a mage sometimes you get a little overrunned by the mobs. Running away is a strategy to a mage, and nothing like running and blinking the hell out of a situation, toss in a good frost nova and I would laugh my arse off as I ran.

4. Invisibility –  I loved it when everyone else wiped, and I’d sit there and wait for them to come back, cause I hit Invisible at the right time when we wiped.

3. Blizzard – I love all the huge numbers that would be flying by when I would open up a can of whoop-ass.

2. Teleports – Man, making gold off them, tricking people with them, heck sometimes I would just teleport cause I was bored.

1. Slowfall – When life would get me down, or I was bored I would climb to the highest points in Azeroth, jump off and just slowfall down, and watch the world go. It was very Zen, and it put me in a better state of mind.

So those are the reasons I miss the mage….

…that and my mage would eat babies….mofoes!

12 Responses to “I Feel Like a Good Slowfall.”

  1. Have you made an inquisitor? Very mage-like AND you get blink 😀

  2. 5. Disengage, fly backwards instead of forward, but with a slight adjustment in positioning, it is the perfect way to get away.

    4. Feign Death.

    3. Multi-Shot. The only problem is that there is no way to generate focus if the mobs don’t give you XP (aren’t at least at green difficulty).

    2. Hearthstone, three cloaks from Stormwind, Engineering wormholes, Dalaran RIng. pffft!

    1. I just have chocolate instead!

    And that’s my hunter to your mage!

  3. This reminds me that I do miss my beloved shadowpriest. I keep expecting my sorcerer to have the ability to shift into shadowform…

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