Who do I have to blow to get a beta invite?

I was going to name this post “The Dragon Awakes” or something equally craptastic after this post from Arenanet. Alas I really do want a beta invite, and I think this would be more compelling I think. So with a nice whorish shade of lipstick on, who exactly do I have to blow to get a beta invite for GW2.

Like a good Beta Hooker that I am, I’ve had plenty of John’s like Bioware, I’ve been in the sack with Blizzard too, as well as a multitude of other game companies. Sometimes I been in the middle of a Beta Bukkake, as I beta test several games at the same time, all of them spewing forth their buggy goodness onto my face.

GW2 looks hot, and ever since talk began swirling about it there has been an unquenchable burning in my loins. I want to be a part of the hot, sticky, adventure and feel the ups, and downs of this beta, thrusting my opinions deep into the recesses of the developers minds.

I can’t wait to hear from you Arenanet, until then I’ll just slowly eat these bananas, carrots, and popsicles I have here.

One Response to “Who do I have to blow to get a beta invite?”

  1. Don’t forget the cucumbers.

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