Why Do I Blog?

Scary laments about his skills, and the whatfors of his blogging. It had me thinking why do I blog. I mean I suck at writing, I am not that well informed, I couldn’t min-max a stat to save a life.  Compared to some of those bloggers on his list, I am a flea on the blogospheres ass.

So why am I here….why do I waste my time, and possibly yours. I think it’s time for a list, cause the Internet loves a list.

1. It’s a hobby – People don’t build models of airplanes because they are going to show them off in competition with each other for the most part. People build model airplanes to reduce stress, to take a step back from life, and do something they enjoy.  I don’t take this overtly serious, it’s just something I do when I have time.

2. I enjoy writing – Even though I suck at it,  I enjoy doing it. I like to play chess too, and I suck at that as well. It takes me about 10 minutes to write a post, just imagine if I actually put effort into this.

3. Part of something – Even though I am a small shadowy corner of the blogosphere, I feel I am a part of it.

4. Camaraderie – I feel without blogging, I wouldn’t of met so many interesting people, and keep meeting them.

5. Bad Boy – I got this reputation among the blogosphere as a little bit rough around the edges bad boy, and I feel I have a niche to fill. Way to many good guys out there, someone has to be an asshole, and I am that man.


2 Responses to “Why Do I Blog?”

  1. I always felt that the reason why anybody blogs has something to do with reproduction. It’s like spreading your mental seed in a medium where you can’t (at least I don’t) spread your genetic one. Is my mind in the gutter? Perhaps.

    But there’s something to be said about the feeling one gets when realizing that our ideas, our conjurings, have reached somebody somewhere and made them think, whether they end up agreeing, disagreeing or even coming to a whole new conclusion. That is an impact on the world and it means a part of you has spread.

    Or maybe I just like thinking that to validate my own existence. Ah… cozy…

  2. I have never successfully blogged, totally in this weird admiration of peeps who do…
    somehow you know what is interesting enough to write for the rest of us to mentally feast on – awesome!!!

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