Weekly Lagout

Well I continue the Grind with SWTOR, but the funny thing it I worry about this game, how will end game be. Though in no way did the latest patch snafu scare me on the PvP side. I just hope there is life after 50

High Latency Love-

The Jedi Gambit is run by an old friend of mine, who helped me out back in the day, and I want to make sure he gets some love, and keeps getting some love.

Something Funny…

The Cartoon Awesomeness. I’m the Juggernaut, Bitch

With that…


One Response to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. Will there be raiding End Game? I’ve not read up much on it tbh. The only thing that would worry me about that is waiting for 10+ people to all click on a quest item, or respond to a conversation. Don’t get me wrong, the group conversations are a great touch, but I find myself wishing things would just hurry up sometimes.

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