I Let Them Live

So on Nar Shadda, I had a chance to allow these republic troops a chance to live, and serve me at a later time. Which garnered me light points, which took me a step back in my goal to be pure evil, though I was stunned I did let them live, which so unlike me. I was doubly shocked, when they did actually play a part, and  glad they helped me defeat Darth Rathari later in my mission. .

I’m shocked at myself, but I came to the conclusion there is a difference between being evil, and being a lunatic, you need to know who to kill, and who will prove useful. That there is a difference between garnering power, and just being a psychopath cutting a swath through the galaxy, and leaving a pile of bodies in your wake.  

This game continues to make me think about my choices, and some of them turn me on my head, and really make me think. It reminds me of those old “choose your own adventure books” where if I choose A, instead of B, it would of lead me down a different path, one that I may not like, or one that is really awesome.

The Republic troops who helped me, in my infinite mercy I let them live for their help with Rathari, and making me rethink what it means to be evil. Perhaps this is a new leaf for me, where I make better choices not just because I get dark side points, but because it’s more evil to pursue power, then it is to pursue lunacy.

On the other hand the aliens protecting the Revan’s Infinite Engine, all of them had to die they were hideous looking, and smung bantha poodoo…Ok maybe I am a psychopath.

2 Responses to “I Let Them Live”

  1. I’ve found when playing my Sith Sorceror I am much more inclined to be over the top evil so it’s not just you. Or I could be a psychopath too I guess.

  2. I feel like if you are doing “pure evil” or “pure good” then you aren’t even MAKING choices at all. It makes the story predestined and that, to me, is pretty dull. It is more believable for a totally evil person to take a “light side” option if it happens to further their evil agenda.

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