I just kissed a sith, and I liked it

So there I was flirting with an NPC, then next thing you know I blacked out, and my lightsaber was out.  I think….did I…just have sex…. I was so excited, alas my girl friend was not so much when I screamed Darth Lathris instead of her name that night. 

Seriously though I really love the inclusion of story, and the way quests are handled here, but the true test of a game is as we all know is end game. Though I have a long time to get there, will this game have the same appeal 3 years from now as it does now?  Is this the extended version of Tortage that was in AoC.

I’m starting to worry about tanking skills in this game, I really haven’t done any instances, but if I can’t keep aggro off my companion we may have a problem. Maybe I’ll do a couple lower level flashpoints just to give it a shot. This is what I hate about new games, I have to find most of this crap out for myself.

But for now, I’m enjoying the game and enjoying being the murderous bastard I always wanted to be, and screwing more Sith then Obi-wan.


2 Responses to “I just kissed a sith, and I liked it”

  1. So far, all of the companions come “out of the box” trying to tank. Look at your companion’s abilities and turn off the “high threat” ones, and make sure they’re in their dps or healing stance instead of tank stance.

    If you’ve enabled the bottom-center quickbar, the default key single-quote (‘) will toggle between your quickbar and their quickbar, so you can easily click on (or off) their auto-use abilities and stances.

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