Friday Lagout

I didn’t get alcohol poisoning…or the clap…just busy…busy at Work. Hopefully next week it will be less busy I can post some more good stuff. 

Been just working on my Sith Juggernaut. I’ve been flipping the coin on my Republic side…whether go Jedi Consular- Shadow, or Jedi Knight- Sentinel

Oh and I need some time to play it too.

High Latency Love-

I’m going to give some love to KTC, he’s been a faithful to the High Latency Life for some time. He’s changed the look around, and is blogging about Star Wars, and not all good things either. Show him some High Latency Love.

Something Funny…

This is what I need better time management…

With that…


One Response to “Friday Lagout”

  1. Oh thanks for the love 🙂

    P.s roll a Jedi shadow they are the tits I tell ya

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