My Companion Hates Me

No I’m not talking about my girlfriend, but she does loathe me for not putting the toilet seat down. Hey you want to pee with it down, I feel the burden should be on you.

Scary wrote something, and I’ve read a couple comments on Torhead, and it got me thinking about  my SWTOR in-game Companion. I think she really hates me, and for good reason, I am a Sith Warrior. I was given Yvette as my companion/slave.  I think it was Caligula who said, “Let them hate me, as long as they fear me.”   I have no time for love, affection….and I skoff at marriage. I demand obedience. That and I may have shocked her a couple times to show her who is boss.  Then again what do expect from someone who just killed a mother and her son in cold blood. They we’re weak I couldn’t allow them to live a moment longer. fricking momma’s boy that he is, and his shrew of a mother, I think I did the universe a favor. My behaviour in game is not winning me any friends anytime soon. The great thing is, I don’t care I’m having way too much fun. Then after my choice is made, I see the companion negative symbol….and I laugh to myself.  

Here’s my point, right now I could give three craps about my companion. All I require is that she kills for me, go make me stuff, and sell my greys for me…

Ok I pat her on the butt from time to time for a job well done.



One Response to “My Companion Hates Me”

  1. So far the only thing I see affection for companions do is increase the success rate on missions & resource gathering. and it is supposed to decrease the time it takes to do them an to craft items. So really if crafting is something you wait until endgame to max out you could just play the conversations as you want and the buy their affection with gifts later.

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