Bioware loves Fat People

When I was playing around with charactor creation in SWTOR, I made a Sith who looked more like a Sumo Wrestler than a Sith. I played with him a bit, I discarded him because even though I thought it was cool, I thought the Sith were should look more lean, hungry. Like a wolf.

Now Fat Jedi’s would make sense those lazy dogs, living the life of Riley….a little sidenote, my father use to say, “Your living the life of Riley”…Who the heck is Riley, and what was so great about his life.

5 things I liked about Charactor Creation in SWTOR

5. Fat People – Get to have more choices on the size of your toons.

4. Faces – I really liked some of the faces, had really charactor.

3. Makeup on Women – Just a cool little touch.

2. Complexion – Mace Windu type Jedi’s are now available

1. Scars – Some real cool ones, even though I’m not a huge scar person.

Thing I hated-

HAIR – By Vader’s Burnt Ballsack,  alot of sucky hair-do’s in the Star Wars Universe.

6 Responses to “Bioware loves Fat People”

  1. In beta, I played a “fluffy” dark-side trooper, who barrelled through Ord Mantell like William “the Refrigerator” Perry doin’ the Super Bowl Shuffle. Pure awesome.

  2. I was a bit saddened they didn’t have fat chicks as an option. Even though it is cool to have a fat torso as an option, most people won’t play it because of real societies stigma. That is why I think BioWare decided to shy away from fat chicks. Society still barbaricly Frowns upon fat women. Women would not play them out of fear of being called fat and men wouldn’t play them in fear of hurting anybody’s feelings. Unfortunately, men can be fat and proud but we still hide our fat women when the sun is out.

  3. That is HAWT! Babies got BOLD FONT. other brothers may hit it and quit it. That when I roll up and retrieve it

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