I’m not falling for no banana in the tailpipe

In Beverly Hills Cop, Eddie Murphy use to play a prank by putting a banana in the tailpipe of a car. The car would back up with exhaust, and fail to run. There was a funny line where Eddie goes, “I ain’t falling for no banana in the tailpipe”

Buying an MMO guide always seemed like a cool idea at the time, tips, and tricks to the game plus some real great lore, and reading material. After being suckered into buying these guides more times than I care to admit, I finally put my foot down and said, NO MORE!

I would always read the guide once, realize that this is all information that is either outdated, or I could have gotten the info online for free somewhere.  Then the guide would sit for aeons, collecting dust, waiting for the day I would find them again, and go “Oh cool”  peruse them for a bit, then put them back to collect yet more dust.

I do admit I like the artwork, and some lore given in those books…the pretty pictures….oh so puhrrty….Oh who am I kidding, I’ll probably pick one up, and get a banana up my tailpipe.

3 Responses to “I’m not falling for no banana in the tailpipe”

  1. I have a banana in the fridge waiting for when you buy mine 😉

    In all seriousness, with the garbage that perforates the industry (just look at game “manuals” at best buy or gamestop) both offline and online, I totally get where you’re coming from. Most game guides are nothing more than free information packaged into somewhat useful timelines or manuals. Maybe the occasional video walkthrough provides enough value that you don’t feel like you’ve totally been screwed over.

    I am assuming that you wrote this post after seeing the new Diablo 3 Gold Secrets site.

    • Markco,

      Actually no, the guy at gamestop tried to sell me a game guide, ya know the one that is outdated by day 2. Actually your guides are the only ones I endorse, because I know you stand behind your work, and give back to the community at large.

      When diablo 3 hits, you know damn well I’ll be getting your guide. Cause as you know….I’m a greedy hooker. LOL!

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