Life is filled with choices, and I think the most profound thing I like about some video games are your choices, and how they affect the game. Even Pac Man has choices. Do I go left or right, do I eat a magic pill to make the ghosts blue now, or wait.  I like when a game like life gives you feedback about your choices, like in Pac-man if you choose wrong you die, and here that pacman death plunk.  

Star Wars the Old Republic shocked me. I made some choices with prisoners, and my choices were not only read back to me, but they were questioned. I was stunned. You mean in an MMO it’s not on rails, I just kill 10 rats, and I’m done. There are choices to make, and my choices may be wrong.   I think we all know I like playing the bad guy, and this game makes no qualms about it. You can make some pretty nasty choices, like when I choked the crab out of a prisoner.

That’s why I love this game, that’s why I’m enthralled with it, and am already loving it. I can’t tell you how I will feel about the game at 50, or when I’m on my 8th alt…but right now….right here. I love it to death.  To me making choices, that’s what life is about, some bad…some good…and as in the pic some pure awesome.

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