The Force is Strong with this One

Ah soon early access will start, and everyone is abuzz with activity, and excitement, and I am no different. I’m just waiting for early invite, hopefully it will be soon.

Where will I be playing, My main is going to be a Sith Warrior with the Einherjar

I will be spending some time on the Republic side, thinking a Jedi Consular, or Jedi Knight DPS role. with the Delusions of Grandeur crew, though I loathe the Republic, alot of awesome peeps are playing there, so I want to chew the same dirt. I’m think of trying doing Republic but all dark side choices which would be cool indeed.

Of course on my Sith toon, I’ll be doing everything evil short of eating babies, and I might ever do that.

I wish everyone luck, and I really am looking forward to this. May the Force be with you!

One Response to “The Force is Strong with this One”

  1. Kill those Jedi dogs!!

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