My Favorite Classes of MMO’s

Some of you know me as the Mage, or the Chosen, but there were other classes I enjoyed from other games…some you might be suprised to read, but here it goes.

5. Smite Cleric  from Dark Ages of Camelot – I loved the versatility of this toon, and it was my first ever in the forays of MMOdom. I guess you always remember your first. Then came the great Smite nerf, and it made my Smite Cleric obsolete. I went to a healing cleric, and after a couple of years got burnt out on healing.

4. Necromancer from Age of Conan – I played alot of Necros in my life, this came closest I felt than the Necromancer in AoC. You had an army of minions, not just one, plus a good assortment of spells to kill things with .

3. Chosen from Warhammer Online – It let me be pure evil, and I was. I relished in everything Chaos. I loved the Inevitable City. I loved the art of Warhammer Online. I loved the feel, and visceral combat. In the end the game just got to be the same ole..same ole.

2. Mage from World of Warcraft – No class really represented me more than a mage. Noble Man who wielded powers beyond mortals grasp. Able to teleport at whim, and self sufficient for alot of things. Basically allowed me to bring out my inner Ass. I loved this class, the look, the feel, the rivalries between Warlocks, and Mages….Shadow Priests don’t count really.

1. Sith Warrior from SWTOR – I’m just going to say so far so good. The NDA has lifted, but mine hasn’t. I won’t start talking in earnest about this game, until I start playing in earnest.

2 Responses to “My Favorite Classes of MMO’s”

  1. i remember the smite clerics but the best albion character was fire wizzard … bold … bold … bold … down 🙂

    • I don’t know about that Max, in the beginning the Infiltrator was untouchable. You could one shot a guy and not break stealth, how great is that :).

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