Dear Mrs. Claus

Dear Mrs. Claus

   Over at the Poisoned Mushroom they asked me to write what I want for Christmas this year, as you know first hand I’m really naughty, by the way I left my underwear under your bed, please nab those before the old man gets home on Christmas. I haven’t been on the nice list…well since ever, but then again I think that’s why you like me so much, because I’m so naughty.

   Well Mrs. Claus let’s talk turkey. My services aren’t cheap, and let’s say if I don’t get what I want….things may get ugly, like these awesome pics I have of you…doing….naughty…naughty things.

Here’s what I want.

1. Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic must restore my faith in the MMO genre, and humans in general. I want to be the mean assed Sith I always dreamed of being, cutting a swath thru the goody two shoe Jedis.

2. Could I have a Decent Super Hero game that will hold my attention more than 5 minutes. The last decent super hero game was Spider Man on the Genesis…on the Fricking Genesis.

3. I want a resurgence of the fighting game, I grew up on Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and Samurai Showdown. We need something new, fresh, and bad ass to pick up that mantle.

4.   I want more video game time to myself, between work, a girlfriend, and everything else.  I’m lucky I have time to wipe my own doopa. Damn it I want my hardcore status back, max level at SWTOR on Dec. 23. 

5. I would love to see a decent Viking game, I fricking love Vikings, and its wonderful lore. Seriously though anything Viking themed is well crap. Need I mention samurai, or pirates.

6. Blizzard to get their heads out of their asses with the Panda thing for WoW.

So there you have it Mrs. Claus, my list of demands. My friends Scary, and Rowan will be sending their list of demands as well. If they are not met. Well let’s just say photos like this one will get out, and Mrs. Claus that doesn’t look like an elf your spanking.

5 Responses to “Dear Mrs. Claus”

  1. Woot, for Lost Vikings!

  2. […] I guess, and this one isn’t so bad. I got it from Rowan at I Have Touched The Sky, who apparently got it from River at High Latency Life. I thought that I’d hedge my bets and get some wish list items down. I’m […]

  3. WTF is with the Horus Heresy Descent of Angels. Fucking ends with a stupid “Im the lion, yall have to go back to Caliban”.. worst one in the series so far… Hope the Dark Angles one is better.

    I need to read some of the “modern day” ones after I get through the whole Heresy. Probably explain a lot about what characters they focus on and why…

  4. […] lap as a little tot may be over, but I figure one can never be too old to write. As well, I hear Rivs, Rowan, Scary, and Scopique have already sent you their regards, and I’m sure they can attest […]

  5. […] seems like the holiday chain letters have started back up too, tis the season to be blogging!  So with that in mind, I too, […]

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