DC Universe is free for a reason

First of all sorry for the posting delays, work has been unbearable. Lets dig into todays topic.

I love Superman, it borders on religon. Heck I even stomached that last Superman movie.  I love comic books, and hero movies. I wear so many hero shirts it’s a joke amongst my friends. I go to see the movies, and even though they may be bad I still stomach them , yea I’m looking at you Ghost Rider, or the Eric Bana Hulk.

Given I am such a freak about Super Heroes, for some reason I never got into them…I don’t think I came across one that really suited me for some reason.

Well DC Universe online was the right price…free so I thought I would give it a shot.

Character Creation – Here I sit on the fence. I made an Undead Villain named Nerghal, after Grandfather Nurgle. I made him duel wielding with Ice powers. I mean the process was ok…..but I wanted more I guess. The powers you had seemed a little weak, and the mentor selection was pure blah. Overall I thought it was OK.

Gameplay – Typical fair here, kill this, kill that. Defend this, defend that.

Graphics – Were pretty good. I liked them. Had a comic book feel to it, without being over the top.

Storyline – Again here I didn’t get to excited about why I was doing, what I was doing.

Overall– It was an ok game, held my interest for a night, but lets be honest there is a reason it’s free.  Hopefully one day there will be an awesome super hero game made, one that I love.

2 Responses to “DC Universe is free for a reason”

  1. Games free because of the glitches exploits and hacking.. and scrubs like you who waited till it was free, then you complain about it.. glad you not playing anymore. cheap skate. Game is better off without people like you around anyway.

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