Turkey Lagout

Well it’s Thanksgiving, and Megan’s one Native American I would love to break bread with.  I’ll be gone until next Tuesday. Here’s what I will be up too.

SWTOR – BETA BEEYOTCHES…yeah I’ll be playing some SWTOR BETA, Hopefully I’ll have something good to write up for you.

Saint’s Row 3 – Yea I been playing around with this game, it’s just fun going around blasting fools. Some interesting missions like tanks, and blasting people with a rocket launcher from a helicopter.

WoW – I’ll probably check in see what’s up in this Panda Express universe, I may be cancelling my subscription. We’ll see.

High Latency Love –

Todays Twitter Buddies

Rowanblaze – Fantastic Blog, and he’ll be knew deep in SWTOR with us.

Oakstout – He’s been hanging out at Google+ ALOT, but still gotta show him some love.

Then last but never least it’s Scary, he want’s to be taken seriously…so let’s all put on our serious faces and give him some serious High Latency Love the only way we can.

Something Funny –

Turkey Trilogy – Episode One

Turkey Trilogy – Episode Two

Turkey Trilogy – Episode Three

Have a safe, and fun Thanksgiving, and I am thankful for all the service men, women, and their families helping to protect this country, and enduring hardships during the holiday season. Also I’m Thankful for you, the reader coming here and reading my crap on a daily basis. My fondest Thank You.

With that…





One Response to “Turkey Lagout”

  1. Hey, thanks for the love. Be safe out there.

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