It’s in Fricking Beta.

So ever since the NDA dropped on SWTOR, I’ve seen more nitpicking then an old shrew nitpicks her cuckold husband. This is a warning for people who are on the fence about SWTOR, who aren’t in beta, and are just reading some of this mess.

Here are things to remember.

1.It’s a Beta Test –  Beta is a TEST period where things like quests, balance, server load, etc are tested. If the beta testers are good with reporting stuff back to Bioware (In which they should be), then these minor problems should be getting better within the month.

2. Community – Community in a MMORPG can make even the most mediocre game in MMOland seem a little better, but if the community sucks it can drag a real good game down. Will Tatooine chat be the new Barrens Chat. I don’t know.

3. In a Online Game the only constant is change – Online games are always changing and morphing. Warhammer Online is no where near like the game I first started playing. It’s a totally different game entirely.

The point I’m trying to make, is that we have a month to go until it drops. Sure the major things I’m sure aren’t going to change, but some of the minor problems will most likely to be fixed before the game drops.

If you’re a beta tester I implore you, you have a responsibility to be a good beta tester, and report bugs to do your job to make this game smoother for everyone.

3 Responses to “It’s in Fricking Beta.”

  1. It’s pretty much out of beta.

    I know, I know, they like to call it that, but it’s in its load / performance tweaking phase at this point. They opened “beta” up because they got all the good little beta testers they need, but now they need bodies. Lots and lots of bodies, with IP connections. Your job is to be there, breath, and click things. But all the major design decisions, artwork, etc – it’s already gold-disked, I bet. “We’ll fix that in a patch.”

    That’s how it’s been since Anarchy Online (if not before), and that’s likely how it’ll stay.

    • I know the majority of the game is done, but I’m talking people nitpicking the little things, like broken quests, and such

  2. I was a very good beta tester (bf even teased me about how serious I was) when I played a few weekends ago.

    For the most part it looked like they were done. I agree with Grimmy

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