Weekly Lagout

SWTOR – NDA dropped so we’ll have some new things to talk about.

WoW- When can I start calling this game World of Panda Express. I hear some good product placement might be in order. I hear you get a free order of eggrolls with every yearly sub now.

Skyrim- Nope still didn’t get.

Saint’s Row The Third – So far having fun with it. Diving out of planes shooting people was pretty cool, and my toon looks almost like me it’s scary.

High Latency Love – Guild Edition

Next couple weeks I’ll be highlight guilds I will be playing with SWTOR.

First my dark side guild is Einherjar. I’ve been with the core group of these guys and gals for almost 10 years back in the Dark Ages of Camelor days, then we went WoW, WAR, RIFT, couple in between. Solid group of great players if your looking for a home, tell them I sent you….second thought you might not want to mention me…I’m the guild clown/drunk.

Something Funny –

A little Star Wars Humor.

With that…



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