5 more reasons you won’t be playing SWTOR

Scary had a great post on his blog about 10 reasons you won’t be playing SWTOR. It had me rolling. I had a comment but it was too big, like my pe…er lightsaber. So I thought I would share some more reasons, and maybe some possible solutions.

5 more reasons you won’t be playing SWTOR, and my solutions –

5. The Crack House I live in doesn’t get Internet – You should really upgrade to a Meth Lab, they are becoming quite the rage, and most of them these days have Internet.

4. Your Princess Leia Slave Girl Outfit is Chaffing Your Penis  – Dude I know it hurts, you gotta tuck that shit better.

3. You are actually Jabba the Hutt,or look like him,  and can’t get of the Stage – Go on a diet, and stop eating those stupid frog creatures out of the glass bowl. I know your a fat guy who still gets the hot chicks in slave girl outfits…but dudejust cut back a bit that’s all I’m saying. .

2. Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Mom is a Trekkie, and loathes all things Star Wars – Shun Them. Unless they are Klingon, or TOS fans, all other fans are carebear fucktards. If they say they are a huge Voyager fan, just do the world a favor and kill them outright.

1. You are George Lucas – There is no one who hates Star Wars more then George, cause why else does he keep making changes to these classics that are utter crap. Don’t believe me case in point…Jar Mother Fucking Jar. ‘Nuff said.

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