Video Game Addiction

I was watching a rerun of  Big Bang Theory last night and it was where Penny gets addicted to online gaming, they made light of the situation of course it’s a comedy.  I was not laughing…it’s very serious.

Penny was addicted, I can’t even say it’s too horrible… Age of Conan. Dear God Know.  I don’t know if it was a joke within a joke, someone addicted to Age of Conan was just sad.. How could Sheldon her friend allow her to get addicted to such a terrible game? I mean sure I had fun in Tortuga, but after that it was just lame.

In the end, Penny came to her senses, and realized Conan was full of suck. I think we all learned, that friends don’t let friends play shitty MMO’s

Oh and the video game addiction, that’s pretty bad too, maybe you should get that checked out. 


5 Responses to “Video Game Addiction”

  1. I think it’s more of an obsession not addiction, but snorting coke off your keyboard while playing WoW is an addiction

  2. AoC isnt actually that bad imo, Funcom suffered from a poor launch and unfinished game but last time I played it I was suitably impressed.

    I’ll actually be popping back in to try its f2p model when my connection is sorted later this week

  3. Do you guys accept guest blog posts?

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