Back in Black

I apologize to the HLL readers, I know I’ve been slacking around here. I was kind of on a hiatus, but I just wanted to make a quick post and say…..

I’m Back.

 Let’s just say I got into the Beta of a really cool MMO…I think that’s all I can say…

Also this week I’ll be picking up Skyrim. I been hearing it’s the bomb. I just hope the controls are alot better then Oblivion.

I picked up Red Dead Redemption on the cheap. I really like it. I’ve even went bezerk and had an old western shoot out in the General Store, and played poker for like 30 minutes, even though I busted out it was pretty cool.

As I get back in the swing of MMO’s, I’ll be posting more regularly…scout’s honor.

2 Responses to “Back in Black”

  1. You are so lucky! I never made it into one of the BETA weekends, but at least the stress test is coming up…

    How goes your NaNoWriMoing? I am terribly far behind…

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