Saints Row The Third

I always thought Saint’s Row was a poor man’s Grand Theft Auto. I decided to download Saints Row the Third character creator, Initation Station,  you can download and play with. Then upload the toon you made to download back in the game when it comes out.

It has a pretty good character creator, so much so I think I’m going to get the game when it comes out.

Some things I like.

1. Sex Appeal – You increase this stat, and boobies get bigger…or guy’s package gets bigger. I had to laugh…and make a chick with huge boobs.

2. The outfit selection – I was impressed at all the stuff available,  going to make my guy look like a total badass…like me….and the girl I’m making a total slut……also like me.

3. Getting a Jump on Things  – The fact you can create a character, and have it ready to rock in game when you get it, and get right into the action.

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