Weekly Lagout

MMO’s – Well I’m thinking my little sabbatical is coming to an end, and I better get back to what I do best…Kill stuff online.

WAR – Cancelling for good, and going to wait for WAR 40k MMO

RIFT – I don’t know this coming month I may log back in and finish my mage.

PS3- I bought LAIR for 6 bucks, Either I have a very expensive coaster, or a real cheap kick ass game. We’ll see.

High Latency Love –

Gonna give some love to Chobie, That’s her personal blog, but she’s one of thee coolest gamer chicks I know. She doesn’t game as much anymore, but here at HLL, we have alot of love for the little shaman who wandered off on her own in Bastion Chair.

Something Funny…

Dressing as a hot nun I can relate.

With That….



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